Four Hearts with Brakes and Reverse (Cuatro corazones con freno y marcha atrás)

Dying is not inevitable.

Ricardo is a ruined man who, thanks to the voluminous inheritance of his recently deceased uncle, sees the opportunity to recover his money. However, the inheritance cannot be collected for another seventy years, by which time all the heirs will be dead. Dr. Bremon, his faithful friend, invents salts that provide immortality to those who consume them. The potion puts an end to Ricardo’s problem, his girlfriend Valentina, and, incidentally, to that of Doctor Bremon and his girlfriend Hortensia.

Emiliano, the letter carrier who witnessed all the fuss made at Ricardo’s house over the salts, also decides to take them in exchange for keeping the secret of the potion.

After spending decades without aging, everyone realizes that immortality is not as much fun as they thought and, in desperation, Dr. Bremon manages to invent a potion with which the protagonists will decrease in age. However, it is not a perfect idea to get younger and younger.

All this will lead to a series of crazy situations that Ricardo and Valentina’s family, their children and granddaughter will suffer.


RELEVANT DATA: Jardiel Poncela, despite his short life, is one of the most relevant authors of the 20th century, having won the most prestigious awards for playwriting and literature written in Spanish. His plays continue today in the most important theaters in Europe and Latin America, and his novels continue to be reprinted in many countries and have been made into films with great success.


What the critics have said:

“The conclusion that Jardiel Poncela makes the spectator reach is that any disruption of the natural order of life only produces unhappiness. All this is played in a humorous way, the scenes of the play follow one another with great agility and the situations that arise are highly original.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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