Gloria Damasco Saga

In her dreams hide the key to solving the case.

The Gloria Damasco saga is a faithful tribute to the noir novel; it joins the political and human rights problems of the Chicano sector with the essence of the purest mystery genre.

Most of Gloria’s cases happen in the San Francisco Bay Area. We find Chicano history and symbolism knitted around a protagonist that is a strong and successful Chicano woman who works as freelance in a defying untraditional career. Moreover, Gloria Damasco has just married (at the beginning of the saga she meets her husband, who is a collaborator), she is physically active and on her way to menopause. In any way, Gloria is a truly admiring woman. She is a private investigator with enough clairvoyance ability to help her solver her cases, and enough not to completely trust her intuition.

“… My visions were not a tidy ensemble of related scenes, like a classic story, in a lineal narrative. They varied from images to colors to sounds and they bombed my dreams. Somehow, my subconscious solved them and stored them, until I, if ever, worked in a related case.”

However, life is relatively normal most of the days, for someone who gets shot every once in a while. Her husband, Justin, is also a private investigator, and their relationship is mature, healthy, loving and realistic. All characters behave in a realistic way, and they even have believable flaws, including the heroes, the witches and the smugglers.

In one of the books, Cactus Blood, Gloria Damasco and her associate private detective Justin Escobar find out that a mutual friend from a long time ago, Sonny Mares, was found dead. The police talks about suicide. Gloria visits Sonny’s house and finds grapes in the fridge,evidence of a female visitor… and realises that Sonny had been watching a movie about the ’73 United Farm Workers Strike and the Grape Strike just before he died.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Lucha Corpi is one of the most relevant Chicano writers of all time. She is a poetess and mystery novel writer that offers a female perspective to the noir genre with great originality and freshness.

The Gloria Damasco Saga has received excellent praise by the audience, and it has entered Amazon’s list of top bestsellers.

Her awards include the Creative Writing National Foundation of Arts Award, the PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Fiction Literary Award, and the Multicultural Publishers Exchange Best Book of Fiction Award.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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