Honor: The other victims of the Marquises of Urquijo Murder Crime (Honor: Las otras víctimas del crimen de los marqueses de Urquijo)

The truth behind one of the most well-known crimes in Spain.


On the night of August 1st, 1980, the marquises of Urquijo were shot while they slept in their Madrid house. Although the murder weapon was never found, a few shells that belonged to the same gun used to kill them were found. Thanks to this coincidence, Rafael Escobedo, the ex-son-in-law of the victims, was charged with murder; his friend Javier Anastasio was said to be the co-author of the crime and Mauricio López-Roberts, marquis of Torrehermosa, was said to be the accomplice.

Forty years later, the marquis of Torrehermosa’s daughter, Macarena López-Roberts, receives a call: someone is once again attacking her father’s honor, mistreating him on a TV show. After being persecuted her whole life because of the Urquijo crime, she then decides to do whatever she needs to do to restore her father’s reputation. To this effect, she tries to erase over 7000 Internet entries about Mauricio and the marquises’ murder. When Google denies her request, Macarena hires a hacker to help her erase it all. At the same time, the journalist Angie Calero starts an in-depth investigation to find out what truly happened on that tragic August night.

The story tries to find an answer to all the questions that have remained unanswered for forty years since Mauricio was imprisoned back in 1990. During this time, while Macarena and Angie interview most of the people related to the case, they start receiving threatening messages and are constantly harassed by a mysterious biker who drives a yellow Ducati. Everyone becomes a suspect, even the hacker that’s helping them.

The events rush by, and Angie finds the driver and the hacker, Cripto, together. Then, they disappear. One day, when they search on the Internet for the picture that saddened her so much, she finds out that it’s gone.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Honor is a true crime story told from the point of view of one of the victims of the Urquijo case, Macarena López-Roberts. The book has exclusive never-seen-before testimonies.

The murder of the Marquises of Urquijo, one of the wealthiest people in Spain back in the day, is still one of the most popular events in Spain’s crime journalism, and it’s still talked about to this day.

Honor is a very versatile story that could be adapted either as a documentary series or as a fictional TV show, much like the successful Dolores: The Truth about the Wanninkhof Case or The Alcàsser Murders.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


THEMES: Murder, Search for the Truth, High Class, Inheritance, Siblings, Economic Interest, Investigation, Past, Family Secrets, Media Uproar, the 80s.

GENRE: True Crime.

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