Hotel Nirvana

Would you try a drug that allowed you to communicate in another language?

Inspired by the life of Dr. Timothy Leary, an American psychologist convinced of the therapeutic effects of LSD, who is eventually expelled from the USA and settles in a hotel in Mexico to continue his experiments.

Tom gathers a group of diverse Americans and Mexicans at what he calls the ‘Hotel Nirvana’ to experiment with the drug Logos, which enhances communications.

But things don’t go as well as Tom hopes. Tensions among the group members threaten the harmony: twins Ileana and Edu have a love-hate relationship; Allen, Tom’s right-hand man and partner, is fed up with his whims; Doris and Harumi are dissatisfied with the experience, and Carlos, an anthropologist specializing in indigenous people, has reservations over the drug Tom brings from the United States.

The drug’s properties and its potential for mind control attract governmental interest from various entities. Thus, Dionisio, a government official in Mexico, and Nick, a CIA collaborator, begin to investigate the experiment.

Just before achieving the research goals, both are ordered to suspend Tom’s experiment. Dionisio wants to continue and tries to get the Secretary of the Government to speak with Tom, but they ultimately end up arresting him and dissolving the group.

Now without their leader, the members continue exploring new forms of knowledge and self-perception with the vital help of Julián, a boatman in the area with knowledge of indigenous peoples and nature.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: In March 2024, the National Theater Company (CNT) of Mexico premiered the play at the Theater of the Arts of the National Center for the Arts (Cenart).

The play has all the elements to become a film about the effects of living in a commune, in the style of “The Beach.”


What reviews say:

“If Nirvana were a hotel, I would buy timeshare shares to travel two weeks every year.” –Jorge F. Hernández-El País.

“A kaleidoscope of characters that converge in therapeutic sessions to embark on an inner journey.” –Estela Leñero Franco-Proceso


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Film.


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