I am the Spider (Yo soy el araña)

A young policeman believes he is a superhero and faces corruption in his city. 

When Pedro Pérez woke up that morning, he thought the only ¨dangerous¨ thing that could happen to him would be to argue with his wife, Maria Juana. He is a young (and weak) policeman who performs administrative tasks and who has a special fondness for comics, which irritates his wife. Little does he know that he will suffer an accident, hit himself in the head, and begin to distort reality. From this point forward, he believes to have superpowers, as if he were Spiderman himself, and he decides that he will fight crime in his city, which is ruled by corrupt politicians and criminals. What could possibly go wrong when a man, who has gone completely mad, decides to face a depraved society dressed in a tight blue and red spandex suit? Many things.

Throughout the story, we will discover that some members of the army, the police and the congress collaborate with powerful drug traffickers. They are presented as followed: “El Rey” (”The King”), a multi-member deputy associated with the mafia, El Rino (The Rhino), a state police officer and Pedro´s childhood friend, El Veneno (The Venom), his main accomplice, Jameson, a military man who threatened Pedro and his wife, el Duende (The Goblin), el Lagarto (The Lizard) and el Buitre (The Vulture). Together they will kidnap María Juana, and ask for a shipment of cocaine and marijuana that the police had accidentally found and had hidden in a warehouse, in exchange for her safe return.

The governor will make a deal with the mafia: he shall receive funds from them, which he will use to maintain his political campaign; in exchange, ¨The King¨ will continue to cheat and murder without legal consequences.

In such a corrupt society, Pedro will not succeed in punishing those who are guilty no matter how much of a superhero he wants to be. This ¨Spiderman¨ won’t be able to unveil the criminal network that runs his country, but at least, he will manage to discover the bad guys behind those masks.


RELEVANT DATA: I Am the Spider (Yo soy el araña) was awarded the Nacional de Novela Negra Award and since then, Carlos Padilla has become one of the most interesting writers in Latin America. Recognized on several occasions with the Libro Sonorense Award of novel, chronicle and essays, Padilla is the founder of SoNoir, a movement that seeks to spread police and noir literature throughout Mexico.

The author grew up surrounded by comics; his fondness for reading emerged thanks to the influence of writers such as Emilio Salgari and Jules Vern. This is why his crime novels are intertwined with classic elements of the literature world.


What the critics have said:

«With Juan Gabriel as ¨background music¨ and other popular songs, the author takes his narrative voice from his imagination on to paper, which, encouraged by his journalistic training, manages to capture the reader´s attention by immersing them completely.» Wradio.com


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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