In Her Blood (En la sangre)

Champagne and crime.

Eva Valverde lives in Barcelona, has two degrees and wears Prada. Years ago, she stole her first laptop from a table in the library where she studied, and that moment marked a turning point in her life. Now she is a professional pick pocketer, but she doesn’t only settle for stealing wallets, she also steals cell phones, jewelry and the occasional suitcase that would appear to have something of value inside. With what she earns, she invests in luxury items and then resells them online. Eva carries it in her blood. She steals to get that adrenaline rush that comes to someone who knows they don’t have much time left and she’s really good at it. She is methodical and meticulous, studying schedules, locations and brands.

However, her life is in danger. Not only does she have to deal with the aftermath of her criminal acts, but Laura was also diagnosed with Hepatitis C, an illness she has been suffering from since she was a child.

After years constructing her perfect world, everything starts to crumble before her very eyes when her usual jeweler blackmails her and forces her to do a complicated job for him. In addition, an enemy sets her house on fire. This is one of Eva’s most precious treasures, as the house belonged to her late grandmother, the one person she loved most. As a result, Eva is forced to move in with her parents, with whom she does not have an easy relationship. If that weren’t enough, she will also have to see her old boyfriend again, an enigmatic Russian named Oleg who happens to be the son of a mobster.

Eva goes from being the perpetrator to the victim in the most unexpected way as she undergoes a harsh treatment for her illness.


RELEVANT DATA: In Her Blood (En la sangre) is a bold, daring and fast-paced story with a multi-layered protagonist who is powerful, unique and unforgettable.

Laura Gomara is a Spanish writer specializing in crime novels. She has written in media outlets such as Quimera, Libros y Literatura and The Huffington Post. Her first novel was a finalist for the L’H Confidential Award and was nominated for the following awards: the Silverio Cañada Memorial for the Best First Novel in the Noir Genre Award, the VI “Pata Negra” Novel Award, the Black Mountain Bossòst Award, the Award for Best Novel in Spanish at the Cubelles Noir Festival and the Tuber Melanosporum of the Morella Negra Festival. She has been invited to numerous crime novel festivals, among them the Semana Negra of Gijón and Barcelona Negra.


What the critics have said:

“A novel about these precarious times with a protagonist that could be any of us.” El Mundo

“Laura Gomara achieves in this wonderful second novel what she promised us in the first one: darker, more distressing… it is a journey into the abyss with a character that could be you.” Elia Barceló

“Without strictly adhering to the canons of the genre, Gomara breaks away from the archetypes.” EFE


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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