Infamy (Infamia) (TV Series)

 A homicide that remained unpunished… until now.

Emma Cruz is a professor that moves to the Galician village of Merlo to teach Criminal Law at the university. She didn’t know she was moving to a place marked by disgrace. 25 years earlier the Giraud sisters mysteriously disappeared. They were 6 and 13 years old, and they disappeared without leaving a trace. Their parents never left the village, because they keep waiting for their return.

Emma starts an investigation on her own and will soon discover that in Merlo everybody hides a secret. Lucas, the enigmatic and dark man with whom Emma falls in love, witnessed what happened to the Giraud sisters. In fact, he and his friends Rubén, Noel and Salva were responsible for the crime. Emma becomes a victim for investigating on a past that nobody in the village wants to bring to light.

The crime, 25 years ago. Rubén starts dating Sofía Giraud and invites her to an abandoned house “to have a little fun”. What the 13-year-old girl didn’t know is that Rubén’s friends, Noel, Salva and Lucas would join to the party. Her 6-year-old sister, Blanca, hears Sofía’s desperate screams and goes her aid. Rubén, to get rid of little Blanca, cracks her skull on the floor, and right afterwards kills Sofía.

Rubén Arias, son of the village sheriff, goes to his father for help. The sheriff sets a plan so that his son and his friends get away with the murder. The sheriff drugs Blanca and sends her to Switzerland to some relatives’ home who owned him a favor. Due to the injury and the drugs, Blanca cannot remember anything. She  receives a new identity: Elizabeth Müller.

What none of them expected is that Elizabeth Müller, 25 years after, would be back in Merlo, remembering everything about that night and looking for revenge.


RELEVANT DATA: Written with a very cinematographic language, Infamy is Ledicia Costas’ first adult novel. Costas is one of the most acclaimed Galician writers. The novel is characterised for the depth of its characters’ minds and the agile rhythm of the plot. It has been highly appraised by the critics, the media, the readers and other writers.

“The merit of the novel lies in the way the darkest emotions of the human beings are expressed”.- Goodreads

Ledicia Costas is the only Galician to be awarded two times with the Premio Lazarillo. She has won several prestigious literary awards, like the Premio Merlín for Children Literature, the National Award for Children and Junior Literature, the Premio Fervenzas Literarias, the Losada Diéguez Award for Literary Creation, and the internationally prestigious White Raven Award. She was also included in the IBBY Honour List to be part of the Auckland’s International Congress in New Zealand.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for a TV Series format.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and Galician.