Inferno – Original Project

Samuel is the half-blooded son of a demon and a human, and, unknowingly, has just become the key to the struggle between Good and Evil. As a child, his father left him in front of the house of Caesar, the man that has created him. Oblivious to his condition, Samuel is a young medical student who lives a normal life … until the truce agreed between Heaven and Hell is broken, and Lucifer orders to kill him. And at this moment is when Mary, the demon mother of Samuel, returns to Earth without remembering anything of its past. Little by little, Mary realizes that Samuel is her son and that she is also the key to victory, the Chosen One, the center of the ancient struggle between angels and demons led by Enoch and Lucifer. The courage and love of Samuel for Lara, his bride, will make an angel to sacrifice for him, his mother to fight his demonic nature in favor of his protective instinct, and Caesar to become his best paladin.


RELEVANT FACTS: Dramaturgo, guionista y director de escena, nacido en Madrid en 1976, Ramón Paso es nieto del dramaturgo Alfonso Paso y biznieto del escritor Enrique Jardiel Poncela. Como guionista de televisión cuenta con más de 100 capítulos emitidos entre series y programas, entre los que se cuentan algunas de las series más destacadas en las cadenas de TV de España, como “Compañeros” o “Matrimonio con hijos”


AUDIOVISUAL FORMAT POTENTIAL: Film, TV Series, Miniseries, TV Movie.


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