A year in Wonderland.

What does it take to become an influencer? Firstly, big ambitions; secondly, to want it more than anyone; and thirdly, you have to be good enough to stay a while. Of course, accepting the tough rules of this industry is also a must. Influencer tells the story of Nadia, a high school girl who leaves everything for her dream to become an influencer. It will not be easy, on social media there is no room for bad days.

Nadia begins to gain more and more followers, and even gets to make a living out of it. She takes advantage of her family and friends until they are not useful anymore: the friend who takes her first good pictures, the friend who gives her social media advice, her mother who starts forbidding her too much time on social media but who ends up working as her assistant when she loses her job. Nadia starts booking big contracts, and on her way up to fame, loses the affection of them all.

One day, exhausted of the demands of fame and the tough rules imposed by her horrible agent, she decides to take a picture of herself, natural, raw, with no make-up or filters, just like it happened with the movement #NoMakeUpSelfie. Her picture becomes a viral phenomenon and all of a sudden, she becomes the focus of critics around the world, but at also many people become positively interested in her. This unbearable situation triggers a search of her own authenticity and, especially, to the reconnection with her loved ones.

This moving story follows a year, in diary format, in the life of a girl who becomes an influencer. It is a very realistic portrayal of young people’s obsession with their bodies, their image, the likes, public opinion, loss of intimacy and parental control. Nonetheless, it is not a dark and pessimistic story, it mixes social realism with a lot of humor and the positive side of this new option of life, and what it means in the personal development and maturity of a young girl.


RELEVANT DATA: Víctor Panicello is a renowned writer specialized in young adult literature. With over 20 novels published, he has been awarded with national and international awards such as the Latin Book Award in the United States, or the Columna Jove Award. His narrative combines realistic issues, very close to the concerns and context of the young people. He also writes fantasy novels.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Miniseries, TV Series, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and Catalan.

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