Inner Gardens (Jardín de otoño)

How far will these two women go to get to know their favorite actor?

Rosalía and Griselda are two unmarried women living together in an old house owned by Rosalía, where Griselda rents a room. TV is very important for them, especially soap operas. They’ve been keeping up for years with all the TV shows starring their perfect gentleman: Mariano Rivas. They are the biggest fans of this actor, the protagonist of their daydreams.

The TV is the heart of the house. They live with Marcelo the mechanic –the character that Mariano Rivas is playing at the moment-, his suffering in the show, or the obstacle the father of the millionaire girl sets to get Marcelo away from his daughter.

Possessed by this passion, Griselda and Rosalía kidnap Mariano Rivas and bring him to the house to force him to act as if they were the protagonists of the show. They dress him as a mechanic and they make him play his passionate kisses with both of them. The actor, scared and afraid that these two fans will kill him, obeys, playing his character as best as he can. But the two women do not really get released from their boring lives of repression. This disappoints them and they start to see him as a lame person: they find out the lock of hair that drives them crazy is fake, they denigrate him and, eventually, they kick him out of the house. They rather stay with Marcelo, the mechanic from the TV.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Diana Raznovich is an Argentinian writer who, during the military dictatorship, took up exile in Spain. Her plays have been performed in Europe and America. She is also known for her work as a graphic humorist.

Inner Gardens is a sensational and extraordinary human story. The space of TV fiction and the real life get intermixed. It has three great main characters and a very television context, so it could be suitable for Miniseries, Film or TV Movie formats.

Inner Gardens is, since its theatrical release, one of the most successful Argentinian plays, and it has been performed in Argentina, Spain, Norway, Germany, Italy, the US, Chile, Mexico and Peru.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Miniseries, Film, TV Movie, TV Series.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: English, German, Italian, Spanish

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