Diversity is a strenght (La diversidad es una fortaleza)


Dare to love.

Mateo has returned from the Christmas holidays to attend his last semester at Columbia University. Life is going according to his plans; he is the top of his class, and his future looks promising. The cherry on top is securing the much-coveted scholarship at the UN that Professor Scott awards to a single student each year.

On the first day of classes, Mateo is summoned by his professor, thinking he will be told he has been chosen for the vacancy…but no, the university needs his help for an event with high-profile guests. Mateo will be in charge of receiving, accompanying, and attending to Gabriel Cortez, one of the most influential young people with an impressive track record in the media and American politics. Mateo accepts, thinking this will bring the scholarship closer to his hands.

The night before the event, one of the state senators announces his retirement after more than thirty years of service and publicly supports Gabriel to be his successor.

Mateo is in charge of accompanying Gabriel, and from their first interaction, the spark between them is evident. Gabriel realizes Mateo’s dedication, intellect, and commitment. And Mateo sees how Gabriel is empathetic and sensitive regardless of condition.

As the event passes, Mateo stays in touch with Gabriel, and he offers him a part-time job. Naturally, among respect, admiration, and long walks through the city streets, love arises. When Gabriel decides to run for candidacy, they both decide to keep their relationship secret.

At the end of the course, Professor Scott informs Mateo that he has been chosen for the scholarship, but he rejects it, wanting to support Gabriel in his campaign. On the day of the campaign launch, Gabriel arrives in a hurry, runs to the stage, and as the countdown begins, from ten to zero, he tells Mateo that he wants to dare to compete, but with him by his side. He unexpectedly takes his hand, and they go out on stage together. The audience bursts into applause upon discovering this new couple.

Mateo realizes that his entire life has just changed completely and forever. Now, he is a public figure. Mateo will have to face a wave of doubts about his reputation, baseless conspiracies, and criticism, until he breaks and gives up everything, even his relationship with Gabriel. He has no choice but to take a train back with his parents.

Eventually, he will find his way back, guided by a renewed strength full of acceptance and love.


RELEVANT DATA: Diversity is a strength is a contemporary love story, with two male protagonists who are looking for their place in the world and who will find in the other the strength needed to succeed.

Alfonso Aguirre is a Mexican writer, entrepreneur, businessman, and TikToker. CEO and co-founder of By the land. He published his first book ‘Impossible Until It’s Done’, which quickly made it to the Amazon Mexico bestseller list in the leadership category. He currently has a community of more than 2 million people on TikTok and 200 thousand on Instagram, where he shares entrepreneurship tips, book recommendations, phrases, and personal experiences. With the support of this great community, his podcast ‘Alfonso Aguirre’ has been trending on Spotify as one of the most listened to.

What the critics say:

“Alfonso has taught me that stories move the world, he is an expert in telling them to cause a positive change. I am sure that he will be one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the future.” –Pamela Baldés, CEO of Beek, Forbes 30Under 30

“In a world flooded with fear and uncertainty, Alfonso uses his platform to encourage others to discover their talents and harness their passions, delivering simple tools and ideas based on his own story, moving from it’s possible to how it can be done.” – José Casparroso, transmedia editor for Forbes in Colombia

“This book is for the brave who not only ask questions but seek the answers. Alfonso addresses two extremely important and difficult topics at the same time: knowing where you want to go in life and how to give yourself space to decide and plan it.” –Héctor de la Hoya “Benshorts”, author and content creator

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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