The Nation (La Nación)

If it is difficult to get in, it is even more difficult to get out.

Elio is a Venezuelan immigrant who lives in Spain. The legalization of his migratory status is his main target; therefore, he can bring with him both his wife and daughter from his country of origin.

He usually meets Libermann, an Argentinian attorney who is specialized in cases like his. In Libermann’s office, Elio gets to know Santos, the “Caribe” leader, which is a Latin band blamed for the murder of a young Spaniard.

The thug is assaulted by a neo-Nazi band after getting out the office, but fortunately he is saved by Elio. The event is seen by Jimena, a Spanish military police who studies the young Spaniard’s murder. She wants to infiltrate Elio within the case. Once he obeys, he will manage to bring his family to Spain.

Afterwards, Elio gets involved in a world full of illegal bands who trade with drugs and other substances. He faces the “Cholos”, one of these bands, as well as Bastión, one of the most xenophobic European groups.

However, Elio, whose original mission was to combat crime, finally becomes a real criminal, very different from the one his wife and daughter expected to find.


RELEVANT FACTS: This is the first time two international scriptwriters suggest an original TV Series project on street gangs located in Madrid and Barcelona. They are inspired in those found in New York or Los Angeles.

Relationships, business, fights between Latin street bands and neo-Nazis are the center in which the main character is involved, despite his real aim was to get his family back.




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