The bitch (La perra)

No one touches The Bitch  

The famous tennis player Cristian Velasco disappears before the most important game of his life, and Guiomar Aguilera, a renowned police officer, is charged with finding out why. To assist her, she is partnered with the new intern, Eduardo Román.

But what seemed like a standard investigation turns out to be much more complex when the unusual pair find the athlete’s lifeless body, showing clear signs of torture.

In their attempt to uncover the truth, Guiomar and Eduardo witness clandestine meetings for wealthy people, where atrocities such as violence, animal abuse, and drugs are the norm.

This is how they hear about “The Bitch”, a character who, apart from being untouchable, is cold and calculating.

Behind that blue coat and hyperrealistic dog mask hides the identity that Guiomar and Román must uncover if they want to save the day and keep their jobs.

Better late than never, a wild animal always ends up attacking its owner… and La Perra is no exception.


RELEVANT DATA: Four stories, interwoven between the past and present, converge on the Island of Tenerife. This fascinating setting gives rise to an investigation that unravels disappearances, murders, corruption, and drug trafficking, weaving a drama that captivates the audience with its peculiar mix of humor and rawness and through two strong female protagonists.

In this shocking thriller, Alberto Val, one of the promising voices of the crime novel in Spain, consolidates his position as a public favorite with his fifth novel. His narrative skill has led him to reach the “first place on the list of the best-selling black fiction novels on Amazon”, according to COPE radio station.


The critics have said:

“The author knows very well how to hook us from the beginning to the end.” Goodreads.

“It had me completely absorbed until I finished it!” Amazon.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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