The unworthy ones (Las indignas)

“No one refuses the Mother Superior. Not if they want to stay alive.”

In the near future, The Earth has been devastated by human greed, and wars erupt over the most basic resources. The outside world is contaminated, making life outside unviable. However, for the protagonist, an unnamed teenager, the true terror lies within the House of the Sacred Sisterhood. This refuge, inhabited solely by women, has recently been transformed into a religious cult.

Beneath the cruel rule of the Sister Superior, the protagonist reflects on her life before the catastrophes that devastated the world and how she managed to survive until she reached the monastery, believing she had found a haven.

As the protagonist becomes acclimated to the rules of the House, she uncovers an established hierarchy. The Handmaids, she learns, no longer have a chance for salvation; the Unworthy, among whom she is counted, must labor intensively, offer small blood sacrifices, and endure daily tortures to achieve salvation; at the top are the Enlightened, those who have attained the coveted spiritual redemption through contact with Him, a mysterious and perfect god whom no one has ever seen.

The protagonist, far from seeing herself as a victim, becomes part of the cruelty that surrounds her, the same cruelty she utilized to survive all this time. Gradually, she uncovers the horrors that lie beneath the surface of the House of the Sacred Sisterhood.


RELEVANT DATA: The Unworthy is a grounded dystopia that tests the boundaries of sanity. Through masterful prose, Bazterrica depicts a society emaciated and devastated by a climatic apocalypse.

Given that much of the novel unfolds within the confines of a convent—inspired by the Santa Catalina Monastery in Cuzco, Peru—the dystopian aspect of the narrative would not hinder its adaptation into an audiovisual production, as the settings could be vividly recreated.

The work echoes successes like “The Handmaid’s Tale” due to its strong and complex female characters and a corrupt, thoroughly hierarchical society. Just a few weeks after its publication, the book was already being edited in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Greece, Russia, and China.


Critics say:

“It takes your breath away”. Concha García, La razón.

“Disturbing from its very first pages, the book pushes the reader to the brink, provoking both a sense of vertigo and self-doubt. Highly recommended.” Ana Bretón, El Mundo.

“Captivating. The immediacy, secrecy, and sustained suspense compel the reader not to tear their eyes away from the book, shocked by the story’s violence. The author transmits this repugnance in a very poetic style, striking a balance that allows us to appreciate even the darkest imagery and urges us to continue reading.” Lucía Pérez García, Madrid Actual.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, German, French, Dutch, Chinese, Czech, Greek, Polish and Russian.

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