Lazarus in the labyrinth (Lázaro en el laberinto)

Lazarus is the prosperous owner of the book shop “The Labyrinth”. He lives with his sister, Fina, and his nephews, Coral and Mariano, to whom he is the father figure. Lazarus lives tormented by an event of his past: 22 years back, his girlfriend Sylvia was aggressed by a violent group that disfigured her face with a knife and he does not remember whether he defended her or ran with his tail between his legs. Sylvia has come back to town at the same time as Amparo, a young novelist, to enter Lazarus’ life. He feels attracted to her beauty, but more so by the surprising resemblance to Sylvia.


RELEVANT FACTS: Lazarus in the Labyrinth is a contemporary drama who belongs to the series of the last plays written by Buero. They are stories whose common denominator is that they allow present stories that do not require a special adaptation since it could be said that they move in personal key. A game of relationships is made between the characters about the current reasons, or based on their own psychology and vital circumstances.

Buero Vallejo is the great theatrical author of the twentieth century. He won the Premio Miguel de Cervantes (1986) and the Premio Nacional de las Letras Españolas (1996). In addition, he has received in four occasions the Premio Nacional de Teatro and also the Honorary Max Theatre Award, among many other distinctions.


POTENTIAL AUDIOVISUAL: TV Series, Miniseries, TV Movie, Film


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