Learning to Talk to Plants (Aprender a hablar con las plantas) (TV Series)

Dying isn’t mystical. Dying is physical, it’s logical, it’s real. 

Paula Cid is a forty-two-year-old neonatologist with a very well structured life, passionate for her job and immerse in the routine of a monotonous relationship. She has been living with Mauro for fifteen years, but she never wanted to marry or have children, despite the pressure of her family in-law. One day, maternal instinct kicks in, and she decides to say yes to having children with her partner. She knows that this will make Mauro very happy. They meet for lunch, she intends to give him the unexpected news, but what she doesn’t expect is what he tells her: there is another woman in his life and he has decided to leave her and move in with his lover. Two hours later she gets a call. Mauro has died in a car accident. Together with the pain of an untimely death, Paula will have to face a limbo of mourning where she cannot find her place. Is she a widow, an ex, a friend? How can she face telling Mauro’s family and friends that he had just left her for another woman, and ruin the image of the man that they all love?

A woman shows up in the hospital the evening of Mauro’s death, and she is the only one who can confirm the fact that this man already had another life… Sooner or later the two women will have to meet, and Paula will have to take charge of her new life and find stability again.

She is a strong woman used to saving the lives of babies every day, but this one death will take her through a beautiful journey of mourning, pain, confusion, fear, anger, absence and insecurities, from which she will blossom again, stronger than ever.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Marta Orriols is a Spanish writer and journalilst who has received many awards throughout her career. Among others, this story was awareded with the Premio Òmnium to best novel in catalan, Premio Nollegiu of catalan narrative. Marta Orriol’s work has appeared in the lists of bestsellers, having been acclaimed by the critics and the public.

Orriols wrote this novel after losing her spouse in an airplane accident. Its characters are full of truth and humanity.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series in development.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, Catalan, English, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Italian, and Polish.