León Kamikaze (Kamikaze Lion)

We all carry demons inside us that need to be confronted.

León is a rebellious teenager who, after having lost his parents, isn´t afraid of anything. Tired of the foster care system and without thinking of any consequences, he releases the kamikaze within him. His life takes a dramatic turn when, by accident, he hits Lola with his car- she is girl from a wealthy family who is stalked by bad luck. León ends up living with his uncle, a bankrupt philosopher who will end up revealing to him his parent´s past. Consequently, León falls in love with Lola, but feels he must push her away so as to not hurt her and leaves on a journey to India with his uncle.  Wokring there at an NGO is where he finds his true self, but Lola will stop at nothing to follow and pursue the boy she loves.


RELEVANT DATA: The author has been awarded many prestigious Spanish Young Adult literature prizes, such as the Hache Award (awarded to him by a total of 1200 students), and the Gran Angular Award for his novel León Kamikaze – which has been, for the very first time in the history of this award, unanimously selected by all the judges-. He was also runner-up for the Novela Emilio Murcia Award.

Álvaro García Hernández has a big following on social networks. His style is characterized by quick dialogues and constant action that completely immerse the reader and keeps them constantly switching between tears and laughter.


What the critics have said:

«Through an array of different characters full of depth and realism, Álvaro García Hernández does a a spectacular portrayal of the youth of today. In a delirious and pleasant tone, he tells us about the imperfections of adults and adolescents who are struggling to keep moving forward. With nuance and feeling, Hernandez takes us around the world, and presents the reader with the protagonist’s three interesting lives stages. A story that will truly move you and steal your heart.» El templo de las mil puertas


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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