Álvaro García Hernández

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Álvaro García Hernández, graduated in Hispanic Philology, is a renowned writer. He is especially known for his work in youth novels. He is also a Spanish language and Literature high school teacher.

From early childhood, he has always been involved in the world of literature. His narratives draw on the inspirations of many great authors such as Pio Baroja, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Federico Garcia Lorca – mixed in with the rhythm of today’s audiovisual narrative for television series.

García Hernández is also known for his blog Diario de un Dios Equivocado, its objective is to connect to readers by means of short stories. Both the internet and social networks have played a major role in Hernandez´s development as a writer, and he has found great success especially on Twenty.



Álvaro García Hernández has been awarded many prestigious prizes in his realm of Spanish youth literature, like the Hache Award (awarded to him by a total of 1200 students), and the Gran Angular Award for his novel León Kamikaze – which has been, for the very first time in the history of this award, unanimously selected by all the judges-. He was also runner-up for the Novela Emilio Murcia Award.   

His style is characterized by quick dialogues and constant action that completely immerse the reader and keeps them constantly switching between tears and laughter.