License to spy (Licencia para espiar)

Women who dedicated their life to the dangerous art of espionage.

When we think about female spies, Mata Hari and World War I usually come to mind. But the truth is that women have had a much more relevant role in political secrets for much longer in practically every culture there is.

In this anthology, the reader will get to know different women spies, from Ancient Rome to modern times, who used their intelligence, principles, and cleverness to do their job. Through a Machiavellian but subtle point of view of female espionage, which has been a part of every historical era and political circle, portraits are painted and some women’s adventures —which no doubt deserve a place in History books— are told.

This book collects the stories of Rahab from the Bible, whose intervention was decisive in conquering the Promised Land; or of Balteira, the Galician minstrel who found herself entangled in a thousand and one intrigues during the reign of Alfonso X. We also delve into the unique and fearsome poisoners of India, and into an unusual perspective on the assassination of Julius Caesar.

Furthermore, queens like Catherine de Medici and her “flying squadron” parade before us; adventurers like the inevitable Mata Hari; princesses who worked for Hitler, such as the Princess of Fürstenberg or the Princess of Hohenlohe; or Spaniards who became involved in some of the most important conspiracies of the 20th century, such as Caridad Mercader.

All of them make up an adventure book, letting the viewer jump through history like a time traveler.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: License to spy is a universal and historical journey through the incredible lives of women who were strongly connected to the world of espionage. Carmen Posadas presents the stories of pioneering, transgressive, and revolutionary women who shaped the course of some of the most emblematic events in human history.

Given that these are individual stories based on real events, the book has great potential for versatility in terms of adaptation to audiovisual formats: from an anthology TV series with female spies as a leitmotif, to informative non-fiction formats exploring these great yet unknown figures.

Carmen Posadas is one of the most respected Spanish authors, with over twenty published works and several film and television scripts to her name. She has also won the Planeta Award, and her works have been translated into more than 30 languages. She has been recognized as one of the most relevant authors of her generation by Newsweek magazine.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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