Carmen Posadas

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Carmen Posadas is a Uruguayan writer and journalist. She was born in Montevideo, where she lived until she was 12 years old. After that, she lived in different places like Madrid, Moscow, Buenos Aires and London, cities where her father worked as a diplomat. She has written more than 15 children’s books, 12 novels, 2 biographies and several TV and film scripts.

She is a consultant at the European University of Madrid, where a department named after her as created. She is also an Honoris Causa professor at the Peruvian University of Applied Arts.



Carmen Posadas has been awarded with several important recognitions throughout her career. She currently has in development 3 of her most famous works: Cayetana´s Daughter (La hija de Cayetana), Child´s Play (El juego de niños) and Invitation to a Murder (Invitación a un asesinato). Some are the Planeta Award, the Ministerio de Cultura Award, the Apeles Mentres Award, the Sent Sovi Award, the Cultura de la Comunidad de Madrid Award,  the ABC Award, the Cartagena de Novela Histórica Award, the Glaukan Award, the Brazier Award and the Iberoamericano Periodismo Rey de España Award. In 2003, the magazine Newsweek described Posadas as one of the most relevant authors of her generation. Both the readers and the press have praised her works, and they have been translated to more than 23 languages. Newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post have also praised her.