Five Blue Flies (Cinco moscas azules)

Curiosity “saved” the cat.

Rafael Molinet is a Uruguayan-Spanish aristocrat living in London, descendant of a run-down blue blood family that is somehow still managing to keep appearances. The depression of this decadence and the recent death of his beloved mother have led Rafael to make a drastic decision: he is going to commit suicide.

In line with his refined tastes and his extravagant character, the apartment in which he poorly lives does not seem like the right setting to do so, so Rafael opts to go on vacation to a luxurious spa in Morocco and, there, take his own life.

Just before embarking on his trip, his niece Fernanda, a lover of gossip, visits him and tells him countless gossips. The strange death of a well-known millionaire captures his attention. It is rumored that his wife, Mercedes Algorta , was guilty of his death by just watching him die without helping him.

Her husband choked and instead of doing something, she let him suffocate as revenge for his many infidelities.

When Rafael arrives in Morocco, he meets a group of Spanish “refined people”. These “Cinco Moscas Azules (Five Blue Flies)” are two well-known figures of the Madrid elite, their respective lovers and the recent widow, Mercedes Algorta .

Moved by curiosity and finally motivated by something, Rafael decides to spend his days trying to discover the truth about the death of Mercedes’ husband.

In a story in the purest Agatha Christie style, where each character is key when it comes to reconstructing the facts, the intrigue becomes the protagonist.


RELEVANT DATA: Five Blue Flies is one of the first novels by the renown writer Carmen Posadas. The work has achieved significant media coverage, being mentioned in the main publications in Spain and has become a best-seller , with more than 100,000 copies sold.

Carmen Posadas is one of the most renowned voices in contemporary Hispanic literature, winner of the famous Planeta Award. The author has received the most important distinctions in literature: the ABC Cultural & Ámbito Cultural Award, the Ministry of Culture Award, the King of Spain Ibero-American Journalism Award, the Apeles Mestres Award or the Community of Madrid Culture Award, among others.


Critics have said:

“You don’t have to be a prophet to see these Five Blue Flies fully involved in the game of identifying and distancing oneself from that occurs between “normal” citizens and “high society”, portrayed daily in gossip magazines, and dissected, from within, in this story that is very lucid and very cruel.” El Pais.

“Carmen Posadas makes use of a style that is fully connected, precisely, with nineteenth-century realism, not just Spaniard’s, but a much more universal one, linked to a certain tradition of ours, to refer to the solitude of that current amalgamated “upper class”. El Mundo.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie .

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Greek and Hungarian.

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