Cayetana’s daughter (La hija de Cayetana) (Film)

The black duchess that nobody knew about. 

A surprising and forgotten episode starring one of the most celebrated women of Spanish history: Cayetana de Alba, the unforgettable muse of Goya. Eccentric, capricious and free, for more than two hundred years her power has remained immutable. However, few know that the duchess adopted a black girl, Maria Luz, whom she loved and educated as if she was her own daughter, and to whom she left a part of her fortune.

Carmen Posadas weaves the story of Cayetana with the twists and turns of the child’s mother, Trinidad, a Cuban slave that loses the love of her life and her daughter at the same time, and that will not stop until she has them back with her. Slavery is the tapestry that gives some light about the treatment of black slaves in the Spain of that time.

The author masterfully tells the contretemps of both mothers: the adoptive one, with her loves and dramas in Charles IV’s court, a nest of intrigue, and the biological one, Trinidad, who, as a slave in Spain, fights to find the baby that they took away from her.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Carmen Posadas has been awarded with several important recognitions throughout her career. Some are the Planeta Award, the Ministerio de Cultura Award, the Apeles Mentres Award, the Sent Sovi Award, the Premio de Cultura de la Comunidad de Madrid, the ABC Award, the Premio Cartagena de Novela Histórica, the Glaukan Award, the Brazier Award and the Premio Iberoamericano Periodismo Rey de España. In 2003, the magazine Newsweek described Posadas as one of the most relevant authors of her generation. Her works have been praised by both the readers and the press, and they have been translated to more than 23 languages. She has also been praised by newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development as a TV Series.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, Portuguese, English.