Invitation to a Murder (Invitación a un asesinato) (Film)

Good enemies never fail you.

Olivia Uriarte, a woman who just divorced her fifth husband, is used to a perfect and glamourous life. However, her life starts to crumble after the separation.

To avoid her inevitable ruin, Olivia develops an elaborated plan to provoke her own murder: she will invite eight people to a luxurious boat in the middle of the ocean. They are her eight enemies, ready to murder Olivia without a doubt.

Now everything is ready for her grand finale. Besides, Olivia has left a series of clues for her sister, Ágata, so that she can solve the puzzle and start a new life.

Invitación a un asesinato (Invitation to a Murder) is a plot twist inspired by the classic detective novels in a social stage dominated by the new rich. A work full of exquisite humour, cleverness and a plot that plays with the reader and constantly nods to the lovers of Agatha Christie, Conan Doyle and Hitchcock.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Invitación a un asesinato (Invitation to a Murder) has been published in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Italy and Hungary.

Carmen Posadas has been awarded with several important recognitions throughout her career. Some are the Planeta Award, the Ministerio de Cultura Award, the Apeles Mentres Award, the Sent Sovi Award, the Premio de Cultura de la Comunidad de Madrid, the ABC Award, the Premio Cartagena de Novela Histórica, the Glaukan Award, the Brazier Award and the Premio Iberoamericano Periodismo Rey de España. In 2003 the magazine Newsweek described Posadas as one of the most relevant authors of her generation. Her works have been praised by both the readers and the press, and they have been translated to more than 23 languages. She has also been praised by newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for Film format.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, French, Polish, Hungarian, Italian.