Little Indiscretions (Pequeñas infamias)

There are secrets that are way too difficult to bury.

The bakery of the most important pastry chef of the ‘rich and famous’ is going through a rough patch. However, all signs point to the fact that Nestor Chaffino’s luck is about to change when he is hired to work at the Teldi family’s Villa.

Emilio Teldi is a wealthy art collector whose gathered a bizarre and eccentric group of people for a banquet at his summer villa. Despite their politeness at the event, the relationships are poisoned by what’s left unsaid. The party turns into a nightmare when they find frost-bitten chef Nestor dead in the walk-in freezer. Nestor had been locked in the freezer with his valuable and secret recipe book, the pages of which have been torn out.

At first, it seemed to have been an accident. But, as the investigation unfolds, it becomes clear that each and every one of those present at the party had strong reasons for wanting to slam the freezer door shut with Nestor still inside. Everyone at the villa, the hosts, the guests, and the staff, quickly become suspects. Nestor Chaffino was in the midst of writing a number of culinary tips in his notebook, which also includes compromising secrets and lurid details about the private lives of everyone at the banquet. They all have a lot to hide in order to maintain their social status.

Crimes, infidelities, lies… there is a lot at stake, and no one is in the clear: the host, Ernesto Teldi, has secret business with a military dictatorship; Adela, his wife, had an affair with her sister’s husband; judge Serafín Tous is an elderly and widowed man who has a disturbing attraction towards adolescents…

Days before his death, Nestor had gone to a fortune teller who warned him that his life was in danger. However, Nestor thought the attack would be by either the hosts or the guests… never in a million years would he have guessed who the real killer would be.


RELEVANT DATA: The Planeta Award-winning novel Little Indiscretions is an international longseller. With numerous references to Agatha Christie’s stories, it is written with a bold and amusing ironic tone.

Carmen Posadas is one of the most internationally acclaimed Spanish-speaking authors, with more than 2 million books sold and translated into twenty-one languages in more than forty countries.

The author has received several important awards throughout her career. Some of them are the Ministry of Culture Award for Best Children’s Book, the Apeles Mestres Award for Children’s Literature, the Sent Sovi Award for Gastronomic Literature, the Culture Award of the Community of Madrid, the Camilo José Cela Award for Journalism, the ABC Cultural & Ámbito Cultural Award, the Cartagena Historical Novel Award, the Glauka Award, the Brazier Award, the King of Spain Ibero-American Journalism Award and the ABC Joaquín Romero Murube Award. According to the American magazine Newsweek, she is one of the most relevant writers of her generation.


What the critics have said:

“The light-hearted tone of Little Indiscretions, which won the Planeta Award in Spain, is just the icing on the cake of a comic mystery about the perils of gossip.” The New York Times

“Every once in a while, a book comes along that is a real delight. Such is the case with Little Indiscretions by Carmen Posadas, winner of the Planeta Award in Spain. This novel has it all: an elegant setting, a tense time frame, a cast of intriguing characters, and beautifully crafted writing that lends glamour and insight to the story.” The Washington Post


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL:  In development as a Film.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Slovakian, Romanian, Slovenian, Indonesian, Greek, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew.