Child’s Play (Juego de niños) (TV Series)

Can reality imitate fiction?

Luisa is a divorced writer. She has a small daughter, Elba, whom she conceived in a mating trip. However, she has always told her that she is adopted. She is a quiet woman who has managed to reach a certain emotional balance next to Enrique, a pragmatic and loving man with whom she has a stable relationship. She writes novels of intrigue, and her new thriller is about pure evil, especially children’s evil. Luisa’s novel starts with the murder of a child in a prestigious school. Elba, her daughter, starts attending the very same school where Luisa studied as a child. While she develops the plot of her novel, Luisa realizes that the events she is narrating have a lot to do with something that happened in her own childhood: the accidental death of a school classmate during a game in which she was taking part. The dead boy, Antonio, was the twin brother of Miguel, and both of them were friends with Sofía, a selfish and confident girl. The four of them were playing and they climbed a big flowerpot that fell over. Miguel took Sofía’s hand and his brother ended up with his neck broken.

The first day she takes her daughter to school, she meets with these two almost forgotten friends. Sofía has lost her beauty and her social position, but not her strong personality. She is now a teacher in her old school. Miguel is the father of Miki, a shy boy who is in Elba’s class with Avril, Sofía’s daughter. Little by little, the fiction of the novel that Luisa is writing and reality start intertwining in a disturbing way. Elba and Avril become inseparable until they meet Tony, Miguel’s oldest son from a former marriage and who is named after his dead uncle. He loves his younger brother, Miki. A little later, Miki dies after falling down the stairs of the school. Luisa, helped by Enrique, tries to investigate the circumstances of the death, and they find out that perhaps Miki was not alone when he fell. But what is more surprising is that the suspects are Sofía, Avril, Elba and Miguel, Miki’s father; all of them had a reason to commit the crime.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Child’s Play is a story that goes deep into the relation between reality and fiction, considering the cyclic nature of life and the influence that fictional worlds have in the real world. It has been published in Spain, the UK, Italy, Brazil, Portugal and the USA.

Carmen Posadas has been awarded with several important recognitions throughout her career. Some are the Planeta Award, the Ministerio de Cultura Award, the Apeles Mentres Award, the Sent Sovi Award, the Premio de Cultura de la Comunidad de Madrid, the ABC Award, the Premio Cartagena de Novela Histórica, the Glaukan Award, the Brazier Award and the Premio Iberoamericano Periodismo Rey de España. In 2003 the magazine Newsweek described Posadas as one of the most relevant authors of her generation. Her works have been praised by both the readers and the press, and they have been translated to more than 23 languages. She has also been praised by newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development as a TV Series.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian.