The Invisible Witness (El testigo invisible)

After years of absolute silence, the only witness of the death of the Romanovs will tell the truth.

Leonid Sednev, who worked as a chimney sweep for the imperial family and later on as a kitchen helper, was only 15 the night of July 17th, 1918. Those were the latest hours of the Romanovs, who were brutally murdered by a group of Bolshevik militaries. Leonid was there and was the only one to leave the palace alive. He was the invisible witness of the death of the tsarist family.

Decades have passed since the horrible and bloody episode, and now old Leonid lives in Uruguay, far from the place that reminds him of his past experiences. The invisible witness is now ready to reconstruct his memories and narrate, from the perspective of that young and innocent servant, the whole truth about the tragic end of the Romanov family.


RELEVANT DATA: A shocking and sincere work that handles confidential documents that the FBI recently declassified, unpublished until now, with statements of Rasputin’s executioner, among other characters. The recognized ability of Carmen Posadas to portray deceptive characters, who hide their true intentions and disguise themselves with a thousand faces, is put to the test again in this novel with enormous success.

Posadas is the author of several bestsellers and winner of many important awards, such as the Planeta Award, the Community of Madrid Culture Award, the Apeles Mestres and the ABC Cultural and Cultural Sphere. Internationally, the works of Posadas have been translated to more than twenty languages and they have been published in more than forty countries.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Film, Miniseries, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, Serbian, French, English.

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