Lost Days (Días perdidos)

The teasing of a macabre clown triggers a series of murders.

The peaceful life of a small town in the north of Spain is disrupted by the sudden appearance of a sinister clown who walks the streets at dawn and leaving proof of it on the internet. What, at first, seemed like a joke ends up turning into a nightmare when dead bodies start appearing all over the city. All of them bearing the mark of the killer: a severed hand.

Inspector Castro leads a quiet life between soccer games, bar conversations, and the company of his wife. However, everything changes when he has to take charge of a disturbing investigation to find the macabre clown. At the same time, his responsibilities at the police station start to increase since the chief inspector has two months left until his retirement. The position will automatically go to Castro, which will be an even bigger change and something he has no desire of.

Castro is not your typical investigator. He does not wish to be the best in his field or work overtime to solve a case. He would rather go home to his wife and make nice cultural plans (which he never actually goes through with).

After the first murder, other bodies appear with the same mark, but when they discover that the clown is not the murderer, rather just an amateur actor who was looking for attention by playing an online prank, the investigation leads to a dead end. This forces Castro to take a step back and redirect the entire investigation.

Looking at all the victims they seemed to have nothing in common, but when the mayor calls Castro to tell him she will be the next person killed, there is a breakthrough in the motive of the case. The mayor explains that years ago she was involved in an evaluation committee that committed fraud when they elected Guillermo, the first person who was murdered. She confesses that she was the one responsible for the fraud and the murderer is the man to whom the job corresponded, adamant on getting his revenge.

This breakthrough will lead Castro and his team to the dangerous criminal, putting an end to the murders and restoring the town’s tranquility.


REVELANT INFORMATION: Lost Days (Días perdidos) is a haunting thriller starring a hilarious inspector who does not want to be involved in long and complicated cases, but whose responsibility outweighs his laziness when he is forced to solve them.

This novel presents us with a “hero” who brings us a universe of plots and subplots that can be developed, making it a great choice for a TV series with several seasons. It can even become a long-term project that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

The novel is inspired by a true story: in 2014, pictures of a sinister clown walking around the streets of Gijón, Spain, appeared all over the internet. This generated a lot of concern among the people of Gijon, and the news was quickly spread throughout the country. The clown called himself “Gijon Clown” and, just like in the novel, it turned out to be a joke.

David Barreiro is a journalist, writer, screenwriter and playwright, whose works have been awarded prizes in various competitions. He has received the Award for Young Asturias Best Narrative, the Complutense Foundation Award for Best Narrative, and has been a Finalist for the Herralde Award on numerous occasions.


What the critics say:

“Taking from those events, Barreiro rescues the “evil clown” to place in his sixth novel, ‘a plot as dark and violent as the humor that his characters exude’.” El Comercio

“It’s addictive and has left me wanting more. I really liked how David Barreiro writes and, of course, it will not be the last thing I read of his. A great find.” Babelio


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, TV Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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