Love and tequila (Amor y tequila)

A wild comedy filled with mystery, romance, tequila, and salt.

Sara is a doctor, a perfectionist, and a first-time mother. Between hospital shifts, her almost sleepless baby daughter Loreto, and an increasingly chaotic marriage, she can’t cope with her life.

One day, her younger sister, Cayetana, contacts her. Her husband has passed away, and she needs company to scatter his ashes in a cenote.

Cayetana has always been a free spirit and a passionate activist. Since she fled Spain to Cancun, she hasn’t wanted to return. The last time the sisters saw each other was 13 years ago when Sara went to take care of her while Cayetana was pregnant with her daughter Kin.

Now they will reunite, despite Sara’s obvious nervousness and her husband Juan’s reservations.

Upon arrival, they are greeted by a high-heeled Cayetana, dressed in designer clothes, a chauffeur with a brand-new car, and more beautiful than ever. It seems like there is no mourning for her husband’s loss, and her old aversion to material things has disappeared…

Sara left behind a barefoot woman with a baby in her arms, and now she finds a woman who enjoys tequila in the mornings, lives a millionaire lifestyle, and has a teenage daughter who avoids her. Amid comical and absurd situations, Sara and Juan realize that the little information they have about Cayetana and Álvaro is suspicious. Neither Cayetana was as in love as she claimed, nor the seductive Fabio – a friend of the couple – is as innocent as he seems, nor is Álvaro as dead as they thought.

Between shady businesses, unexpected romances, and unprofessional criminals, a fun and heartwarming story full of second chances unfolds, where the sisters must decide how the rest of their lives will be.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: “Love and Tequila” is a romantic comedy with a strong dose of mystery where what meets the eye isn’t what it seems. The core of the story is the love between two very different sisters who, after years of being apart, reunite in the Mexican Caribbean and seek love in their own ways. This novel is part of a trilogy of stories – “Love and Tequila,” “Love in the Veins,” and “Love and Gin Tonic” – about three friends: Sara, Loreto, and Abi. While they are connected and part of the same universe, each story is independent.

“Love and Tequila” is a story suitable for organic co-production between Spain and Mexico.

María José Vela is a Mexican by birth and lives in Madrid. She has a degree in Business Administration and, after years in the finance world, one day decided to give it all up to dedicate herself to writing. She holds a Master’s in Creative Writing from the International University of Valencia.


What the critics have said:

“It’s an entertaining novel, enjoyable, and with a touch of mystery that will keep you hooked page after page. Plus, it’s a novel that will make you burst into laughter because there are unique characters.” – Adictas Romántica.

“Love and Tequila is more than a romantic comedy. There’s love, yes, but also a lot of humor and a touch of mystery that will spice up the plot. If you want to read something that entertains you, makes you smile, and even laugh out loud, give it a chance, you won’t regret it.” – Anika entre Libros.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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