Mafia of three Saga (Saga Mafia de tres) (Serie TV)

Police can’t divide what anise has united | Zorrumpia can’t mess up what the German has united | Gonorrhea can’t divide what the Mafia has united | The Three Kings can’t mess up what Christmas has united | Sadomasochism can’t separate what Halloween has united | The sultana can’t fuck up what the Fifth Anguish has achieved

Three inseparable friends and their hilarious adventures.

Marisa is an impulsive, foul-mouthed, and bratty woman with pink hair who keeps getting herself into problems because of her impulsivity. Anaelia is an independent girl, loyal to her values, loves animals and is a hopeless romantic. Angelines is stubborn, passionate, loyal, strong, and is obsessed with cars. The three women in their thirties met each other at a book signing event and have been inseparable ever since. They’re incredibly close, they live together and work at the same factory.

Marisa discovers that her ex-boyfriend used to cheat on her, so she decides to get revenge, and shows up at his wedding alongside Angelines and Anaelia. But on their way there, they encounter a goat who’s set on messing up their plans. Kenrick pops up as well, a man whose appearance is set to test the women’s friendship, and who will completely enchant Marisa.

In the next book of the series, Angelines, known as Angelines-Fucks-Bent-Over, buys the most expensive car in the market thanks to a stroke of good luck. Also in this book, Angelines meets Patrick on a girl’s trip to Germany, a boy who will make her fall head over heels in love and go completely crazy.

In the third book, the story revolves around Anaelia, the most independent of the three, known as Black Mouth Anaelia. Anaelia is obsessed with a secretive and emotionally unavailable man called Hulk, who won’t make things any easier for her.

In the fourth title, Christmas is here, and the three friends decide to throw a dinner party with all their boyfriends and suitors, where they discover that the turkey they were going to eat is… alive! It won’t be an easy task to convince Anaelia, the animal lover, to kill it so everyone can eat.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Mafia of three saga has all the ingredients to be adapted into a comedy like Aquí no hay quien viva, with hilarious situations and crazy and funny characters. The books have been received by the public with open arms, and the readers have said it’s one of the funniest series ever published.

Noelia Medina is a young adult, erotica, and romance writer. Angy Skay is the winner of the Corason Awards, awarded by the JAR (Andalusian Romance Days).


What the critics have said:

“Saying this book has made me laugh is an understatement, I’ve enjoyed reading it way too much. These three friends are something else. Ma, Anaelia and Angelines are so funny.” GoodReads

“A hilarious book, I didn’t stop laughing from the moment I picked it up. I couldn’t stop reading the adventures of these sort of crazy friends, who will do anything in the name of love and justice.” GoodReads

“I’m quite surprised that nothing was predictable, and that’s an incredible achievement.” GoodReads

“I’m so sad this trilogy has come to an end. I think they’re one of the very few books where I couldn’t go a chapter without laughing like crazy.” GoodReads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for TV Series format.