Magic for Humans with Mago Pop (Magic for Humans con el Mago Pop) (TV Series)


You won’t believe your eyes!  

People of all ages are amazed in the streets of Barcelona with magic tricks that inspire illusion and amazement.

In the 6 episodes of Magic for Humans Spain with El Mago Pop, Antonio Díaz, the most successful European illusionist in the world, will deal with topics as varied as people’s weirdest hobbies, the relationship between time and magic, contrasts in lifestyle, love and all its variants, lies and fear, among others.

El Mago Pop will not be alone in this fascinating adventure with magic as the protagonist. He will have the collaboration of some familiar faces such as Paco Plaza, director and screenwriter of the [REC] saga; Hideki Matsuhisa, Japanese chef recognized with a Michelin Star, or Cristinini, content creator and one of the most famous female streamers worldwide on Twitch.


RELEVANT DATA: In collaboration with 100 Balas (The MediaPro Studio), Magic for Humans Spain with El Mago Pop premiered on Netflix in March 2021. It is the Spanish adaptation of the successful original format Magic for Humans by American Justin Willman and has been filmed in Barcelona’s most famous locations such as the Grec Theater, Gaudí’s Casa Vicens or the Ciutadella Park. Antonio Díaz (El Mago Pop), the world’s top-grossing European magician and the Spanish artist who has sold the most tickets in the last three years, is the star of the Spanish edition. He continues to perform and fill the Teatre Victòria in Barcelona every night.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Entertainment format.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, English, Italian, French, German.