Magnificent Disaster (An Original TV Series Project)

A titanic and charismatic man… A titanic adventure to build the Panama Canal.

The adventure of the Panama Canal, since its creator’s idea; the political and economic national and international battles to obtain the concession and to decide its location; its incredible presentation to the whole world, with the following collection of money for a project of a magnitude never seen before, which sank the economy of a world power like France at the end of the 19th century; and, finally, the appropriation of the project by the United States of America, and the conclusion of its construction – after 50 years and at an unimaginable cost.

A dream that turned into a nightmare and that was finally a reality for which we have to thank one man, one Count, a controversial and marvelous figure, loved and hated, a visionary and utopic man, an epic hero with lots of charisma that changes the course of history. His name is Ferdinand de Lesseps. Without his visión, there would not be a Panama Canal today.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Vinicio Canton and Stefano Ceccarelli are two screenwriters, two of the most important and prolific of the Italian film and TV industry. Canton has written more than ten scripts and is a member of the Writers Guild Italia. He is also the Italian delegate in the Federation of European Screenwriters in Bruxelles. Ceccarelli is, apart from a film screenwriter, a tv screenwriter, having written for several comedy and drama tv shows and sitcoms aired in different European countries and abroad. He is also a writer of novels and has worked in radio.



THEMES: Espionage, Power, War, Passion, Lies, Overcoming, Stardom, Fame, Bankruptcy, Titanic Project, Panama Canal, New World, Enterprise, Engineering, Publicity, Richness, Love, Adventure, France, United States, Panama.

GENRE: Thriller, Drama.

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