Willburn Curse (Maldición Willburn)

Nothing seems more dangerous than the past.

Giselle Callahan is a strong and determined young woman rescuing young orphans from the threat of drugs and violence, all while confronting the traumas she experienced in her own youth. Years ago, Giselle was adopted by a loving couple who had just lost a daughter. Although she still has nightmares about her life on the streets and the shelter where she was abused, she is now in a better place.

One day, after university, she meets Rowdy Willburn, the leader of a neighborhood gang, a young man that is just as attractive as he is dangerous. The chemistry between them is immediate, and despite her efforts to stay away from Rowdy, Giselle joins his gang when she discovers that it is actually a brotherhood dedicated to maintaining the safety of the neighborhood.

Giselle becomes part of the brotherhood’s exciting adventures along her new friends and begins an intense relationship with Rowdy.

But Giselle struggles with her feelings, believing she will never be enough. Not for her biological mother who abandoned her, or for her adoptive mother who unconsciously wishes she could fill the shoes of her deceased daughter, Lily. So, when Giselle learns that Lily was Rowan’s first and greatest love, her fragile balance shatters, plunging her into a spiral of self-destruction.

Giselle will need the support of Rowdy, her adoptive parents, and her friends to face her demons, heal the wounds of her past, and find happiness.

Ultimately, Giselle and Rowan reconcile, and the couple moves to Georgia, where, along with Rowdy’s father, they establish a shelter to help young orphans find a forever home.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Maldición Willburn is an addictive story told from different points of view. With its complex and captivating characters, the storyline discusses the abuse, violence, and drugs occasionally present in the adoption system through Giselle’s and Rowan’s love story, demonstrating that love and friendship can overcome all type of hardships.

Zelá Brambillé is the pseudonym under which Andrea Alejandra Álvarez González, a Mexican writer of romantic novels and young adult literature, wrote. Zelá began her career as an author on Wattpad, where she currently has 600,000 followers and over 80 million reads. She won two Wattys Awards.

Her readers, known as Zelers, are a community that, after her unfortunate death, has continued to faithfully support her work, keeping it on the top reading lists.


Readers have commented the following:

“From the first minute, the story hooks you. I connected with all the characters; their evolution is incredible. I won’t even mention how much I cried.” Goodreads.

“From Volume II onwards, I don’t think I could stop crying. It’s such a raw story, so real and emotionally impactful that I have no words… It’s the most beautiful and painful thing I’ve read in my life; it makes me want to cry again.” Goodreads.

“It’s a book that stayed with me forever. Now, after immersing myself in the story again, I have no doubt it has become one of my favorite books.” Instagram.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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