Martina de Santo Saga

The Brothers of the Coast | The Obsidian Butterfly | Crimes at an Exhibition | An Irresistible Murderer | The Melancholy of the Bird Men | The Gold of the Jivaros | The Jerusalem Syndrome

Martina de Santo is a junior inspector of the homicide squad of the Bolscan Police Department (a fictional city in northern Spain). The daughter of a diplomat who has workerd in Chile, Mozambique, etc. Martina was born in Philippines and spent her childhood here and there. Her parents died three years ago and left her a beautiful house with a garden in the upper part of the city where she lives with her female… friend? Berta and her cat. She is slender, tall and wears men’s suits. She’s is smart and elegant, and she never uses perfume or jewels. She smokes three packets of cigarettes a day and she likes taking care of her garden. She enjoys running 6km everyday, she is never sitting down. Her father wanted her to become a diplomat, but she decided to become a police woman instead, and she got the best grade of her year. She is sometimes obedient; she never contradicts orders. But sometimes she is harsh, authoritarian, self-demanding and competitive. She likes working alone, she competes with her male colleagues by giving results quickly thanks to her mental agility. Her only working partner is Horacio Muñoz, a police officer retired from the streets due to an injury who works in the archive.

Throughout the saga, the international police officer will go all over many places around the world like the Caribbean, Israel or the Easter Island, to solve some of the most terrifying, disturbing and bloody cases of detective literature. These are the adventures of a very peculiar and perfectly built character who will have to face the brutal murder of a baroness by a criminal and a wild animal, the theft of a carving of the Virgin in Jerusalem that seems to be linked to some miracles and apparitions, victims skinned through ancestral rites and reduced heads, among many other terrifying things.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Juan Bolea is a writer and a journalist. He has worked in Heraldo de Aragón, Interviú, Gente y Viajes, Onda Cero, Aragón TV, la revista Tiempo and TVE, among others. He was a finalist of the Dashiell Hammett Award and he won the Premio Abogados de la editorial Martínez Rosa.

The  Martina de Santo Saga is a very commercially successful series. It has been presented in the Book Fairs of Guadalajara (México), Bogotá (Colombia) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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