Monsters (Monstruos)

They were tortured before they were even born.

This is the story of the Thalidomide scandal, a drug consumed by dozens of pregnant women to alleviate morning sickness and nausea. Because of this, dozens of children were born with deformities that, in some cases, caused their death. It is estimated that there were 3000 victims only in Spain.

Doctors Claus Knapp and Widukin Lenz discovered that the medicine caused these deformities; consequently, it was banned in Germany and the families were compensated economically. Nevertheless, the drug continued to be sold in Spain for two more years in spite of its effects, and the victims have not been recognized or compensated yet.

The story is told from the perspective of Julia, a woman whose mother consumed this medicine and that is why she was born without arms. The spectator will see how the Spanish victims from this great pharmaceutical fiasco will organise themselves and fight to get the recognition denied to them until now. Their last hope is to take the case to the Spanish constitutional court.




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