It’s the year 2078, and the transport ship Morpheus 5 is carrying colonists in a one-way travel to the outer colonies. Due to the duration of the travel, the passengers are maintained in an induced sleep to save resources. Karen, second class pilot, was supposed to be awakened in shifts of two years until the destination was reached. Instead, she and the rest of her crew are awakened abruptly, only to find everyone in the first shift is death, as many of the colonists. Although no sign of illness was to be found, they could tell they suffered a painful death just by looking at their faces. Furthermore, a two-passenger craft is hitched onto the ship, but no one else is there.

Karen and her crew start investigating what happened during their absence while colonists keep dying. And not only that: they are experiencing problems as well. At first, they could not fall asleep, and then, when they managed to do so, they had horrible nightmares involving a presence – the Monster. They try to avoid sleeping at all costs, but to no avail; they would eventually give in. One by one, they started dying.

Karen seems to be the only one to avoid this horrible death; she dreams about the Monster, but she also sees Alice, a little girl in her dreams, whom she protects dream after dream. In the meanwhile, she must discover what is causing everyone to die. Who was in the ship that hitched onto the Morpheus? Is the Monster an alien presence? What would happen if the Monster reached the colony they’re heading for?


RELEVANT FACTS: Curro Royo is a famous screenwriter with many scripts in Prime Time on his back. He worked in Cuentame como pasó, one of the largest TV series in Spain, Médico de familia, and Periodistas. He also has written Las aventuras del capitán Alatriste, a TV Series based on Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s novel.



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