My Crazy Grandmother (Mi abuela, la loca)

An eccentric grandmother and her poet grandson.

Vicente’s parents have a new job, and since he is only 10 years old, they must drop him off from time to time at his grandmother Petunia’s house after school, or as Vicente would say, his crazy grandmother Petunia.

Grandma Petunia is a bit quirky. She always wears a funny hairstyle or a strange hat, and every morning she paints a mole on either side of her mouth, depending on her mood. She basks in her obsession with writing poems and recites verses at the top of her lungs when Vicente gets off the school bus on purpose so that all his classmates laugh at him. She would call herself a dreamer, but everyone thinks she is just off-the-charts crazy.

On the other hand, Vicente describes himself as “the king of the nerds”. Better accompanied by books than by friends, he has enough to deal with from the teasing of his classmates without his grandmother, Petunia, waiting for him at the school bus stop.

At first, Petunia does not pay much attention to Vicente. That is until one afternoon she puts him to the test by asking him to describe the big tree in the garden without saying the words trunk and branches. Grandmother Petunia is thrilled with her grandson’s answer and thus begins the game of metaphors for which Vicente shows great ability. Ever since then, Vicente has become her favorite grandson, and grandmother Petunia formally announces “Vicente is a poet!”. From then on, Petunia plants the seed of writing in her grandson.

Living with his grandmother will make him discover the real value of things and will take him to a place he thought did not exist. Furthermore, Vicente will begin to believe in himself and will discover himself as a poet. Vicente discovers the beauty of writing, to learn to see the world in a different way (with his eyes closed) and to enjoy life from his imagination. After all, thanks to his grandmother he will discover the most important things in his life and an endless number of values that he did not know until now.


RELEVANT DATA: José Ignacio (Chascas) Valenzuela is the writer behind the successful Netflix series ¿Quién mató a Sara?, which has become the best non-English language release in the history of the platform in the United States. He has more than thirty published novels and thirteen television series and films in Chile, Mexico, the United States, and Puerto Rico. He was selected by magazine of The New York Times as one of the ten best young Latin American writers.

As a screenwriter, he has received many awards such as Best Screenwriter of the Year by the PROCO Communication Institute and the Diosa de Plata International Film Festival. He was nominated for an Emmy Award (Suncoast Chapter) for his work as a writer of the television series Amores. His telenovela La casa de al lado, broadcast by Telemundo (the second-largest Spanish-language content provider in the United States), won “Best novel of the Year” at the Miami Life Awards. His telenovela Santa Diabla, also broadcast by Telemundo, received “Novela of the Year” at the Tu Mundo Awards.

My Crazy Grandmother (Mi abuela la loca) is a book that awakens feelings and reflections on values for all types of audiences. It is also a critical success thanks to its endearing characters and its profound messages.


What the critics have said:

“Petunia is a character that will steal everything from you, your heart, your mind, and your taste for reading, this character is magnificent, you will cry with her, you will smile with her witticisms and you will learn a lot from her.” Goodreads

“For those of us who had crazy grandparents who taught us to love words, this book is like opening a memory box.” Goodreads

“I cried. It is inevitable not to cry because I miss ´my crazy grandmother´ and this story was a hug to the heart.” Goodreads

“There are books that embrace you, give you all their love and tenderness. This is, without a doubt, one of them.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Serie TV, Miniserie, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish and English.

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