Near You (Cerca de ti)

Do you trust the person on the other side of the screen?

Since Lola reached adolescence, the only things she shares with her mother, Carla, is a roof and blood ties.

Carla, an attractive woman trying to conceal that she is already in her forties, is a successful interior designer who has raised her daughter by herself. Despite her work and role as a mother, Carla has a very active sex life that she’s not shy about.

Lola is the antithesis of her mother: she is a disciplined, meticulous, and scrupulous young woman. After witnessing the parade of men entering and leaving Carla’s bedroom, she has developed a repulsion towards sex and towards her mother. The loose-fitting clothes that hide her body have become her identity as she refuses to feel sexualized.

Lola’s traumatic relationship with sex has turned her fantasies into a source of confusion, shame, and pain. However, she can’t help but engage in them when she hears the noises coming from her mother and her “companions” on the other side of the wall. So, when she decides to secretly download the dating app Blurred, she does so in complete secrecy. On the app, she meets Jon, an older man who becomes a source of empathy and a refuge for her. The strong connection she discovers with Jon finally makes Lola consider opening up and experiencing her sexuality. But she doesn’t know that her mother has also joined the same app and has met the same man: Jon, who, in his thirties, makes Carla feel like a young woman in love again.

When this mysterious man, who seemed like a fallen angel from heaven to both, becomes the worst of their nightmares and starts blackmailing Carla, both women will have to join forces to save themselves from danger.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Near you is a frenetic and twisted thriller full of eroticism that has managed to captivate readers, with thousands of copies sold and enviable reviews. This work is an incredible showcase of Lara A. Serodio’s dynamic, fresh, and realistic writing style, which creates a complex plot with addictive escalating tension, reminiscent of other great authors like the successful Gillian Flynn. Glamour magazine has listed it as one of the 15 essential books of domestic noir.

The author, also known for her articles in various publications and her work as a screenwriter, has published several novels with feminist themes that have been well-received. Her audiobook “La Piel Infiel” has nearly one million minutes played and has been number one in its category for a long time. Additionally, Serodio has been awarded the Montserrat Roig Literature Grant.


What the critics and readers have said:

“Addictive, explicit, and disturbing.” Lisa Suñé.

“Like a spider’s web, perfectly woven and of enigmatic beauty, dark in concept and attractive by necessity, that’s how the novel by this Galician writer is. With this, her third book, she establishes herself as a storyteller who always captures you, not only with the plots but also with the way she develops them and involves you as a reader.” Glamour.

“A thrilling story that plays with the boundaries of the genre to create strong female characters who defy stereotypes.” Goodreads.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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