Nystagmus (Nistagmo)

And you, would you skip sleep if you could?

In a near future where the planet faces temperatures of 60°C, Simon is approached by StarPro Energy with an offer to partake in a groundbreaking experiment: a drug that eliminates the need for sleep.

Caught in the daily whirlwind, juggling the care of his three children, the demands of his wife’s career, and his monotonous eight-hour office job, he has time for nothing else.

Simon sees the experiment as a unique opportunity not only to revisit his passion for sculpture but also to enrich his personal life during the nighttime hours and advance in studies he was never able to pursue.

In his surroundings, people talk about “the all-rounders,” individuals who monopolize jobs at minimum wages, exacerbating labor exploitation. They are recognized by a spasmodic movement of their eyeballs and their lack of sleep. Simon has fallen into the trap set by StarPro Energy.

Bound by a retention contract signed with the clinic, Simon will have to find a way out of the whirlwind he’s gotten himself into. It’s a race against time to maintain his sanity before it’s too late.


RELEVANT DATA: Nistagmo is a fast-paced and dynamic science fiction thriller set in the near future. Its thematic universality makes it adaptable to any region, and its science fiction elements are fully grounded, which helps keep the costs of a screen adaptation manageable.

The work, thanks to its strong connection to the current social situation, evokes highly successful productions like Black Mirror, Years & Years, and Orphan Black.

Nistagmo received a Special Jury Mention at the UPC Science Fiction Literary Award. Bruno Puelles, its author, is a winner of the Ignotus Award, among other accolades.


What the critics have said:

“So realistic it’s frightening.” Goodreads

“The world it presents to us, despite being dystopian and futuristic, bears too many similarities to the reality around us to be frivolously labeled as ‘impossible’.” Origen Cuántico (blog)

“It’s a social critique masquerading as science fiction, masterfully written.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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