Nobody´s Box (El cofre de nadie)

An exciting journey to her roots.

Nadia is a cautious, introverted girl who is very content with her uneventful adolescence, and happy to have only one friend: Hugo. She was adopted in Kenya when she was a baby. Her father, a doctor who worked for the NGO Doctors Without Borders, told her that he found her in a village devastated by a sandstorm where only one newborn girl had survived… her. The only thing she keeps from her past is a small box full of strange objects. According to her father, it is the “box of life”, where the children of her tribe keep what defines their family to remind them of who they are, and in which they can collect everything that is important to them throughout their lives. But Nadia has never been curious about her origins and had never really paid much attention to this little box.

Nadia’s life is turned upside down when her father starts dating Rut, a divorced military woman who also has a teenage daughter, Érika. The girls are profoundly different, both physically and in character: Nadia is a black orderly and calm person, whilst Érika is a white- almost albino- chaotic and extroverted person. However, the trouble really begins when the parent’s relationship is strengthened, and Rut and Érika move into Nadia’s house. The four members of this new family are four cardinal opposites, placed to live together under the same roof. They all do their part to adapt, but Nadia cannot help but feel furious with these strangers who invade her privacy, her peace of mind, and turn her home upside down.

One day, Nadia’s father and Rut decide to go away for a weekend trip and leave the two girls alone at home. This forced closeness leads the girls to begin to understand each other a little more, to tell each other their intimacies, and to discover that they actually complement each other very well. Érika tells Nadia all of her sentimental problems with her girlfriend Lola and discovers that she is someone who actually listens without judgment. Nadia, on the other hand, notices that the opening that Érika has brought to her little bubble has let in the fresh air and new perspectives and that maybe she’s not so bad at all.

Érika suggests that Nadia have a party at her house, and although Nadia is very reluctant at first, she ends up agreeing. At this party, she meets an anthropologist, who discovers Nadia’s “box of life” and immediately draws attention to it. For the first time ever, Nadia is absolutely intrigued to know more about her origins and these new friendships make way for a completely unexpected adventure in order to solve this mystery about her life.

They discover rituals of a certain African tribe that say that when a child dies, they must bury them with a “box of death” in order to find their families in the afterlife. It turns out that these boxes are exactly the same as the one Nadia has. From here on, everything Nadia thought she knew was put into question, that is until her father confesses the actual truth. He saved the life of a woman in a very complicated childbirth, but of the two twins she had just delivered, only one had survived: Nadia. In this tribe, if one twin dies, the other has to be buried as well, which explains why Nadia was given the “box of death”. But, before they could perform the ritual, her birth mother made a pact with the doctor to take the baby with him, and he adopted her, thus saving her life.

When Nadia manages to fit all the pieces of her past and her new life into her new family together, she decides, with the help of her friends and family, to get rid of the box. She had always believed that this box and its objects in it had all the answers to who she was, but now it is clear to her that her life could never fit inside a box. And so, from that moment on, she will feel free to build her future with optimism and enthusiasm.


RELEVANT DATA: Nobody’s Box (El cofre de nadie), awarded the SM Gran Angular Award 2021, is a story of discovery told from a fresh, optimistic and completely contemporary perspective. It offers a reflection on identity and new family models. It has all the ingredients to become a successful audiovisual project.

Esperanza “Chiki” Fabregat specializes in children’s and young adult literature. This rising author has several successful works and was a finalist for the Edebé Award.


What the critics have said:

“ […] an exciting journey to our roots, but not as a link that ties us to the past, but as a path that helps us to understand our present and, above all, invites us to build our future in complete freedom.” Nando López, Gran Angular 2020 Award-winning author


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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