Us (Nosotros)

A love capable of outwitting death, time, and oblivion

The perfect marriage exists, or so Irene remembers of hers. Marcelo, her late husband, was the love that never left her, not even in her most difficult moments…

Now, with Marcelo’s loss, Irene’s world crumbles. Who is she without him by her side?

With the firm determination to rediscover herself, Irene embarks on a journey along the coast. As she engages in passionate encounters with different people, she discovers a mysterious link: at the climax, she can see and feel Marcelo’s presence. This discovery leads her to live passionate experiences with lovers of both genders, always in search of Marcelo.

However, this peculiar ability has its consequences; each person who connects with Irene falls in love with her, while she only uses them to remember her former love.

As her journey progresses, Irene becomes addicted to drugs and sex, worsening her situation and leading her to dependence on anxiolytics.

Tired, Irene decides to end this adventure in a beautiful hotel she discovered with Marcelo years ago. There, she meets the receptionist who attended them on their last visit, with whom she has an intimate encounter, but this time, Marcelo is absent. Irene promises to end her sexual encounters and before leaving, talks about Marcelo with the receptionist, trying to find out if she remembers him. However, the answer confuses her; on her last stay, Irene rented a three-room suite while being completely alone.

At reception, her father and sister are waiting for her, who take her to a psychiatric institution where she is already known. Her doctor shows her photographs of her life and helps her remember: Marcelo died in an accident shortly after they got married, many years ago. Irene’s life has been marked by a series of deceptions and self-inventions; her mind has woven a distorted narrative in an attempt to make sense of her life.


RELEVANT DATA: Winner of the Nadal Prize, this is the story of a strong and passionate woman, whose love is capable of breaking limits, including those of her own mind. Its author, Manuel Vilas, recognized as one of the greatest literary phenomena of recent years, has filled his new novel with memorable phrases and plot twists that keep the audience captivated until the shocking end.


Readers have said:

“The feeling experienced in Vilas’s novels is very similar to what Almodóvar leaves me in his films, whether the story reflects or leads to one’s own experience or not, the colors, smells, and atmosphere always lead you to the same sense of reflective joy. It is very well written and delves into the mind of the protagonist, in her actions and her fantasies.” Amazon. “Only Manuel Vilas is capable of constructing such an interesting novel on a topic as universal as it is trite: love. Love analyzed almost surgically. With so much depth and unexpected turns that, as Vilas himself acknowledged, gives this novel an air of existential thriller.” El quinto libro, blog. “Towards the end, the story takes a turn that makes you connect more with the protagonist and understand the plot.” La Casa del Libro.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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