Oldladyvoice (Vozdevieja)

A know-it-all girl with a whole world yet to discover.

Marina is a nine-year-old girl from Seville who faces an excruciatingly warm Andalusian summer with her mother and grandmother. Despite her age, Marina is known at school as “Oldladyvoice”; she is curious, cunning, and deep down she feels that she is different from the other children and humans in general. Her best friend is her grandmother who cooks for her, teaches her new swear words, talks about love, and gives her advice on how to make friends.

Even though she is just a little girl, Marina wants to experiment with what is forbidden and longs to become a teenager in order to explore and understand her concerns about her sexuality. She hides behind a wise and vigorous façade, when in reality she is just a young woman who is terrified of the idea that her mother (who is admitted to the hospital due to an illness) could die and thus abandon her just like her father did.

Marina faces the idea of the future with a mixture of excitement and fear. She doesn’t know if she wants everything to change or if everything should stay the same, or if she wants to continue playing with Chabel dolls or look at grown up comics. In the end, she will come to accept that life follows its own course.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: With this novel, Elisa Victoria revolutionized the literary scene by selling tens of thousands of copies and achieving an excellent response from critics.

Elisa Victoria is one of the leading voices of her generation. With Oldladyvoice, she established herself as one of the authors to reference in the current young Spanish writer’s scene. This novel has been translated into English and will also be published in Italian, Portuguese and Greek.

The author has collaborated in Spanish magazine publications such as Tentaciones, El Salto, La Nueva Carne, Telva, Verne, Ocultas Ocultas, Kiwi Magazine, El Estado Mental, Cáñamo, Vice, El Butano Popular, and Primera Línea.


What critics say about the author and her work:

“Elisa Victoria handles the girl’s narration dexterously. Relying on short, declarative sentences, Victoria is able to bring the characters to life in few words.” The New York Times

“More than anything, [Oldladyvoice] is incredibly funny. Victoria’s prose is effervescent, the jokes come across well, and the young protagonist’s observations are tender as well as authentic. I have been captivated by this gem of a wise and twisted novel.” The Guardian

“From the first page we can anticipate a universe that will seduce us.” Elvira Lindo, El Pais

“A mixture of lucidity, candor, and perseverance.” Berna G. Harbour, El País

“Elisa Victoria navigates without trauma between the perverse and the innocent in Vozdevieja, which narrates the fears and longings of a child who lived in a humble neighborhood in Seville during the bubbling era of ‘92.” Babelia

“A tender and moving story, full of light and a pinch of evil that transcends and moves without falling into the sentimental.” Leticia Blanco, El Mundo

“Elisa Victoria paints a very successful portrait of the desires and uncertainties of a dreamer girl who extracts a rich arsenal of transformative experiences from a neighborhood life.” La Vanguardia


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Show, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese.

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