Elisa Victoria

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Elisa Victoria is a Spanish author who studies Philosophy and Early Childhood Education. She has published several works and has collaborated in publications such as: Tentaciones, El Salto, La Nueva Carne, Telva, Verne, Tribus Ocultas, Revista Kiwi, El Estado Mental, Cáñamo, Vice, El Butano Popular and Primera Línea.

In addition, she has also been a teacher of creative writing at Talleres Fuentetaja, one of the best-known literary training centres in Madrid.



Elisa Victoria is one of the most promising voices of her generation. With Oldladyvoice she has established herself as one the authors to reference in the current pool of young Spanish writers. The novel has been translated to numerous languages, including English, Italian, Portuguese, and Greek.

Her novels have been highly acclaimed by the most important international media newspapers such as The Guardian or The New York Times. 


What the critics say about the author and her work:

“Elisa Victoria manages the narration [in Oldladyvoice] of this girl with dexterity. With short, declarative sentences, Victoria is able to bring the characters to life with a few words.” The New York Times

“Victoria’s prose is effervescent, the jokes always land well, the young protagonist’s observations are tender as well as authentic. She has captivated me.” The Guardian

“Elisa Victoria curdles a very successful portrait of the desires and uncertainties of a dreamer girl who extracts a rich arsenal of transformative experiences from neighbourhood life.” Culture, La Vanguardia