If you look too close into the past you might not come back from it.

Renata is a forty-year-old scientist who has achieved success in her field. During a television interview recording, a coincidence makes her remember the events that happened in 1989, a traumatic past she has yet to forget.

Renata and Eusebio went to high school together. Eusebio was an introverted boy, whose sensitivity made him a victim of all kinds of mockery. A victim of severe bullying, Renata becomes the young boy’s only friend.

They cultivated a relationship full of complicity, but not without conflicts: Renata wanted him to adapt his personality to that of the rest of their classmates to make coexistence easier. This way of trying to mold Eusebio was a source of frustration for him.

On a field trip, Eusebio confesses his love to Renata. Angry, she leaves him behind, not understanding why he had kept it from her for so long, and tells him to return from the trip alone. When she gets home, she discovers that Eusebio has not yet returned, and an investigation begins that quickly culminates when they discover the young man’s lifeless body.

Guilt has haunted Renata to this day, where she still lives tormented by the loss. To try to heal the wounds, Renata decides to make one last trip to the past, reconstructing the events in her head and trying to make peace with herself.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Considered the best novel of the year by media such as La Vanguardia and El Cultural, Otaberra has earned unanimous praise from national literary critics.

The author has previously published two novels, Vozdevieja and El evangelio, which have established her as one of the most promising young voices in Spanish literature.


What critics have said:

“[…] Characters with an undeniable late-childhood air, with an ability to distance themselves from their surroundings that makes them shrewd; and a taste for recovering certain eras of recent Spain from a perspective that is both generational and openly traditional.” El País.

“‘Otaberra’, elegant, subtle, and moving: the best novel by Elisa Victoria.” El Español.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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