The Gospel (El evangelio)

A call from destiny can turn into a miracle.

Eulalia is a twenty-year-old girl studying Education whose life is turned upside down when, after she forgets to apply in time to do her internship at her dream school, ends up assigned to a private Catholic school, a situation quite contrary to what she had planned.

The school is in the center of Seville, far from the suburbs where she lives and works at a Pizza restaurant for a miserable salary. Eulalia, also known as Lali, who has never been a believer and whose way of understanding life is far from Catholicism, has to face the reality of working side by side with nuns.

She has to overcome the cultural barrier and educate her students as she knows best, even if this is sometimes contradictory to what the institution dictates. Boldly, she will walk the fine line between doing what she believes is best for the students’ education and complying with the school’s rules.

However, behind this seemingly courageous young woman, who doesn’t seem to take life too seriously, is a girl who has long been unable to find the motivation to move forward along the rocky road that is her life (that’s why she forgot to apply for the internship in the first place). Having to face the setback of working in this place so foreign to her world will, paradoxically, give her a boost to regain her spark and find her motivation again: to educate and care for her students.


RELEVANT DATA: The Gospel (El Evangelio) is an amusing novel, in which humor and irreverence reign, and has become a bestseller besides having received excellent reviews.

Elisa Victoria is one of the leading voices of her generation. With Vozdevieja she established herself as a key author in the current wave of young Spanish writers. This novel has sold tens of thousands of copies, has been translated into English and will also be published in Italian, Portuguese, and Greek. The author has contributed to publications such as Tentaciones, El Salto, La Nueva Carne, Telva, Verne, Tribus Ocultas, Revista Kiwi, El Estado Mental, Cáñamo, Vice, El Butano Popular and Primera Línea.


What critics say about the author and her work:

“[…] Vozdevieja, a book that served as a knock on the door for this writer, first, to encounter that serious euphemism called “the general public” and, second, to undertake a complex, raw and sensitive novel that she has titled, half seriously and half-jokingly, The Gospel (El Evangelio)”. El País

“Elisa Victoria returns with a hilarious, scathing critique of the educational system through the eyes of a generation disenchanted with the world.” Ànnia Paredes

“It is a great novel. […] generational, funny, audacious, accurate, sincere, intelligent, combative, liberating, sad, but hilarious. The dialogues in this novel are to be framed and exhibited. Some moments are so funny that I had to stop reading just to sit there and laugh.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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