Operation protector (Operación protector) (TV Series)

Invisible heroes protecting us from things we don’t know are there.

A Belgian inspector commits suicide in the autumn of 2015 after discovering that he couldn’t save his protege. However, before doing so, he sends an envelope containing information to a colleague in the Spanish police. He does this through intermediaries and backstreet collaborators. Inside there’s a warning of a potential jihadist attack in Paris.

When the massacre does indeed take place on November 13, 2015, the State’s security services mobilize all their resources to prevent a similar incident on Spanish territory. This triggers Operation Protector, a silent and low-profile operation by the State Security Forces, designed to ensure the safety of the citizens.

Upon uncovering connections between terrorists, the Costa del Sol mafias, and arms traffickers, the police decide to introduce an undercover agent: Roberto.

His first moves are to open an account at a bank branch using a false identity and to befriend a wealthy heir, the son of a high-end vehicle businessman. His mission? To obtain the combination for the safe of one of the luxurious apartments that his target uses as a meeting point. Inside the safe, there is documentation that will allow him to investigate the shipment of weapons that a jihadist cell plans to use in Spain.

In this fiction with high doses of reality, the viewer gains firsthand access to the intricacies of an unconventional operation and the life of an undercover police officer, including their fears, doubts, and ambitions. We will witness the conflicts and tensions among various police and security units, as well as the dangers faced by undercover agents – human beings made of flesh and bones, but also invisible heroes who protect us from things we don’t even know are there.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Operation Protector is a work written by one of the leading Spanish experts on police infiltration in radical violent groups, Iñaki Sanjuán.

The author, in addition to holding a Law degree and a Master’s degree in Security, was a municipal police officer, served as the chief inspector of the Police in the information services, and has spent a significant part of his career in activities related to counterterrorism and counter-radicalization. With his active involvement in undercover operations, akin to those depicted in the book, he brings a high level of expertise and knowledge to the subject matter.


What people have said about the author:

“Reading Iñaki Sanjuán’s book is delving into the world of how undercover agents are selected, trained, and shaped, subjected to unbearable tests, necessary for those who must undertake such demanding missions. It is a thrilling book that exudes authenticity.” Pedro Baños, geopolitical analyst and expert in intelligence and jihadist terrorism.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for TV Series format.