Phone Calls From Amsterdam (Llamadas de Amsterdam)

An alternative reality made to give their desires a second chance.

The story starts with a phone call in Amsterdam Street, in Ciudad de México. Juan Jesús and Nuria Benavides were once a beautiful married coupe. He is failed a painter that has stopped believing in himself due to the critiques; she is the favorite daughter of a PRI corrupt senator. Juan Jesús, who is not over the accusation of not being able to differentiate inspiration from plagiarism, gets a scholarship to study painting in Amsterdam.

The couple is excited, but then, Nuria’s father, a manipulative man who does not approve of their relationship, is diagnosed with leukemia and Juan Jesús decides to cancel his trip to support Nuria. However, the growing distance between the two due to Nuria’s father ends in a tragic divorce.

After seven years in New York, Nuria goes back to Ciudad de México. Juan Jesús calls Nuria, and when she asks where he is, he says he is in Amsterdam. And he is not lying, for he is in Amsterdam Street, talking from a public telephone in front of his house. The protagonists of this story create an alternative reality, made of phone calls, to give a second chance to their desires.

Facing the nostalgia over what they have lost, the characters make of an imaginary country their most genuine meeting place.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Villoro is currently one of the most acclaimed Latin American writers. He is also a screenwriter, a playwright and a journalist, awarded with the Herralde Award and the Premio LIBER for the most distinguished Latin American writer.

The works of Villoro have sold more than one million of copies, and they have been translated into more than a dozen languages.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and Italian

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