Rasi the Squirrel and Her Gang Saga (Saga Rasi y la pandilla de la ardilla)

A collection of 22 children’s books 

Rasi, the children’s favorite squirrel.

Rasi the squirrel lives at school. Her gang is made up of Nora, Aitor, Irene, Ismael and Elisa, their teacher. Together they will live out all kinds of fun adventures. Rasi, who sleeps in a hat and loves nuts and cookies, is the children’s mascot.

Nora is a very shy girl who loves nature, her grandmother’s stories, books and appreciates the beauty in all things. Aitor also likes books and music, and he loves to recite poetry too, but he is the more energetic, adventurous type.

Irene plays soccer and loves to be faster than her classmates, but this eagerness can sometimes get her into trouble. This is something that the friendly Ismael, on the other hand, has under control. He is an expert at keeping calm, and is said to be an expert at lollipop licking and painting. His downfall, however, is that he has a very bad memory.

Each book in the saga explores different themes with respect to each of the children´s characteristics. We also get to meet different characters throughout the series like Babi, the homeless snail. In this episode, Rasi sets out to find a home for her new friend. We also get to meet Perez the mouse, better known as the tooth fairy, who falls off a nightstand and twists his ankle whilst on duty collecting teeth. Rasi will have to help Perez by taking over his job while he is in recovery, but the squirrel has no experience with this, so he gets into all kinds of trouble. Along with many more stories and characters. The kids and Rasi are always finding new things to do, always having fun. Together, they form the most adventurous gang of the school.


RELEVANT DATA: Rasi the Squirrel and Her Gang (Rasi la ardilla y su pandilla) is a long-selling collection of 17 children´s books and is present in many classrooms. Hundreds of thousands of kids have learned to read from these books, which also possesses merchandising and its own theme song. Schools use these books as pedagogical material and use the characters and the stories to turn them into mini theater plays. This collection has won the Artes y Letras de Literatura Infantil Award, the Lazarillo de álbum ilustrado Award and the Jaén Award.

Begoña Oro is one of Spain’s most renowned children and youth literature authors. She has more than 200 published works that have been translated to many languages. She has also received many other prizes like the prestigious Gran Angular Award for her book Grapefruit and Lemon (Pomelo y Limón), the Hache de literatura juvenile Award, the Eurostars de narrative Award, and the Lista de Honor CCEI de Creación Award. 


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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