Begoña Oro

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Begoña Oro has over 30 published works. She is dedicated to children and young adult, and adult literature.

She studied Law at the University of Zaragoza, with a specialization in Literature at the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona. She has worked as an editor, as well as with editorial dissemination and communication to promote reading in Madrid, Barcelona and Central America mostly through workshops and conference attended by children who are learning to read and senior citizens.

She has translated many international works by foreign authors specialized in children and youth literature like Barbara Park, Sara Young and Wanda Coven, among others.



Her most famous saga is the collection about Razi the squirrel, is a tremendous commercial success as a long-seller.

Among her most prestigious awards are: the Gran Angular de Literatura Juvenil Award, the Hache de Literatura Juvenil Award – granted by over a thousand students-, the Lazarillo Award, the Artes y Letras de Literatura Infantil Award and the Jaén de Literatura Juvenil Award, inter alia.

Her works have been mentioned by El País newspaper as being in the top 10 best young adult literature books of the year.

Some of her works have been translated into German, Catalan, Korean, Euskera (Basque language), Lithuanian, Portuguese and soon to be Turkish and Persian.