Rescue in the Ashes (Rescate gris)

 A volcano covers your entire town in ashes. They just kidnapped your wife. Your day is just beginning. 

Patagonia Argentina, 1991. Raul works two jobs to make ends meet. When he turns off his alarm clock that morning, he knows something is not right. His small town had been covered by volcanic ash and Graciela, his wife, is not home. Everything leads him to believe that Graciela has left at her own will… until he gets a call from her kidnappers. The instructions he is given are very clear: if he wants to ever see her again, he must return the million dollars that he presumably stole. The problem is, Raul is innocent… he hasn´t stolen anything.

The story flashes back to Raul helping the passengers of a car who have just suffered an accident. Raul had found a bag full of money inside the car, the money they are now reclaiming. However, Raul turned that money in to the police.

Simultaneously, the story in the present begins with a writer who is retelling Raul´s story. The writer is none other than Raul himself, who is writing down his memories in hopes of enlightening his son as to why his mother Graciela had died. The puzzle pieces start to come together when Raul confesses to his son that he killed Graciela. He explains that his mental health declined drastically after her kidnapping, provoking a rather toxic, manipulative and abusive relationship with his own family.


RELEVANT DATA: Rescue in the Ashes (Rescate gris) was a finalist for the Clarín de Novela Award. In order to create the storyline, Cristian Perfumo is inpisted by true events: the eruption of the Hudson Volcano – one of the most violent eruptions in Chile´s history. The ashes were so abundant that they made their way to Patagonia in Argentina.

Cristian Perfumo´s novels have sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide, positioning itself among the books most digitally sold. Perfumo is proclaimed as one of the new Latin American voices in the thriller genre. His novels have been translated to English and French, and has won many renowned awards like the Literario de Amazon Award.


What the critics have said:

“Cristian Perfumo brings us the Patagonia´s magic surrounded by the mystery and agile crime novels that move its readers. A revelation.” Jordi Sierra i Fabra

“A magnificent outcome that keeps the reader on edge practically until the last page.” Un lector indiscreto

“The setting, fantastic. The plot, immersive and shocking until the end. In the same vein as Lorenzo Silva or Joel Dicker.” Goodreads

“Every lover of good thrillers should read Cristian Perfumo.” Fernando Gamboa


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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