A Revolver to Carry at Night (Un revólver para salir de noche)

Lolita made him eternally famous but it was Vera Nabokov to whom Vladimir really owes his success. Vera Nabokov conscious of sharing her life with an extraordinary man decided to make his life hers. She was the first to read his texts and prepare them for printing. She is in charge of their finances, his contracts and their life through their exile. First in Berlin, then Paris and finally the US where she convinces him of writing in English and to centre himself in his novels turning him into the larger than life novelist he is remembered as today.

A handsome and sophisticated man, Vladimir had a weakness for woman, something Vera knew well and also knew how to keep them at bay. A co-dependency full of strong emotions and questionable actions.

This portrait is done with grace and sovereignty – and also with respect for Nabokov’s work.

An insight of Vladimir Nabokov´s life from three different points of view: his own, his lover´s and his wife´s.

Nabokov is presented as a magnificent writer that cannot be overlooked, but also as a person with feelings, hesitations and mistakes.



Everyone knows the name Nabokov, mainly thanks to Lolita. We consider him a classic of modern literature, his works form a canon – and also a cult. Monika Zgustová brings readers closer to his personality as a writer, but also as a person.


What the critics have said:

A Revolver for Going Out at Night With takes a good look at the relationships Nabokov had with other women, despite Vera’s strict control, and what those relationships meant for Nabokov and his work.” La Vanguardia.


POTENTIAL FORMATS: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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